Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Aside from the tile installer blowing us off for 2 days in a row, I'm still confident we will see the completion of the kitchen before we get a senior-citizen discount at the movies.

I met with the paint consultant today because I am totally insecure in my ability to chose paint colors. Cara spent about two hours with me today and we picked a group of paints for the entire first floor.

I feel great about the color Bristle for the kitchen and didn't understand why I can't just paint all the rooms that color, but Cara helped me find some other neutrals that I liked. Cara is big on browns, and I wanted to get away from the chocolate brown existing in the Living Room. In a startling change, I picked a blue-gray for the dining room to replace the bright red. I usually love a red dining room, but I'm looking for a change. We have no money or plans to paint any other room than the kitchen, but I like to have options.

So, the painters promise to come this week and I'm not losing hope the kitchen will be completed soon.

Note: all of these colors are C2 paints, except Sag Harbor Gray which is Benjamin Moore.

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