Friday, January 29, 2010

Mostly completed

Here are the "After" photos of my closet. 
I went with 1 long bar across the back of the closet and a set of 12" shelves along one wall. I splurged on a new 8' bar, rather than trying to glue 2 shorter bars together. 


All of the shelving was the Lowes-brand (not Closetmaid or Rubbermaid, which they also sell) of closet organization, which was cheaper and also it was the size I needed.

The yellow/green linoleum floor drove me nuts, but it wasn't really an option at this time to pull up the linoleum since the wood underneath is unfinished. When we renovate the Master Bath, we'll remove this relic. Until then, I am looking for a rug.

My friends are probably wondering where I stored all my shoes for this photo shoot. I am in the processing of making them a nice home in the former linen closet, I'll post photos on that too.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Non-working Fireplace inspiration

My sister recently moved into a new flat in London and has 2 non-working fireplaces. Here's a photo of the fireplace in her living room. Ignore the wires, she's still unpacking!

I really wish our house had a fireplace and have pondered creating a faux version, so I can't stop thinking about my sister's place. I found these photos on the interwebs for inspiration.

She could paint the inside a dark color and fill it with pillar candles. She has a cat though, so this could be a major fire hazard.

I love this visual of the books in the fireplace, although really, this will look messy in everyday life.

She can put a pretty decorative screen in front of it and use the inside for storage of video games/dvds, shoes, etc.

I like this idea of putting the TV inside the fireplace.

I actually suggested something similar to this originally, put some plants/art inside it.

I like this solution, she could pile a few real logs, drape it with white Christmas lights, and voila! instant "Fire"!

I also found a blog specializing in fireplace decorating.

Regardless of what she decides to do, I think she should paint it a charcoal gray or black to make it pop from the white walls.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ready! Fire-Fire-Fire! ...Aim?

I'm sick of being the responsible one in the family. The one that makes people eat a green vegetable. The one who says "Where are your safety goggles?" and "What are you going to do to support the house once you pry off that moldy support beam?".

So I removed everything from my closet.

This is the closet that I've been thinking about for months, nay! Years! I stared at the gross linoleum on the floor and decided to ignore that.

I did some measurements by holding out my arms.

I found the mis-tint section at Lowes. Its cold here. I went with Mediterrean Blue to feel warm and I painted.

Jeff filled the hole in the floor - the chimney from the old gas fireplace in the kitchen ran through here before it was removed. Then he said "What are you going to do about the hole in the ceiling?".

I did some prying. I found some nice old wallpaper under that metal rectangle.

I now need to make a trip to the hardware store to find something to replace that metal rectangle, the clothes will have to remain piled up in the bedroom for a few more days.

Living on the edge requires patience. Now I remember why I usually make a project plan first.


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