Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home Cure

Now that we had a hint of spring, its time to come out of hibernation and get the house back in order. I dusted off my copy of the Apartment Therapy Home Cure.

I think the house is in pretty good shape, but its time for some spring cleaning and general upkeep as well as time to tackle some small projects.

I'm focusing on 3 rooms: Kitchen, Living Room + Front Hall, and the Dining Room.

The first week's goals are: Plan a vision and a budget.


I want the rooms to feel fun. Perhaps by painting a runner on the front hall stairs like this:

We need to dress-up the dining room, since it is now the ugly step-sister to the kitchen, by adding artwork and curtains. Maybe hang the art in a fun way like this:
Figure out what to put in the kitchen cabinets after digesting all the comments from AT. I'm thinking of just keeping it simple, like this:

I will probably do some general decluttering and sprucing-up of the living room. It might involve moving furniture around.

What's less than $0?

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