Saturday, April 11, 2009

2009 New Years Resolution - Add-Ons

My goals are a little different the then ones previously stated, more project based. Yes, I know II've lost 4 months from the timeline.
  • Convert "Cold Room" to a Mudroom
    We have coats, shoes, boots, gloves, etc strewn about a small area at the top of the basement stairs that is driving me nuts. We insulated the "Cold Room", that's how it is labeled on the fuse box. All future home buyers check the fuse box names. That may warn you about what you are getting into. Without insulation, the room is now a steady 60 degrees; before it was a crisp 48. I think some lockers would do the trick to organize the previously mentioned coats, shoes, boots, gloves, etc, as well as control the recycle center in the basement that has a tendency to claim extra turf.
  • Build Beechnut #2 a bookcase
    The amount of supplies needed to take a child from 6 month to potty trained age is amazing. We'll design this bookcase to hold actual books for that glorious day when there are no diapers in the house.
  • Patch floor between DR and LR where the Termites ate.
    Those wood chomping bugs decided that eating 4 feet of support wasn't enough and managed to get some of the floor above it. The repair job in the basement made the floor less squishy, but it needs help.
  • Covert odd DR closet to (wet)Bar / Crystal cabinet.
  • If we win a big scratch-off lottery: Open up the wall between the LR and the Front stairs. Our front hall could be amazing if we did this. The front hall is currently the coldest part of the house, so any chance to insulate something, I'm in.
Happy (belated) New Year!

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