Friday, April 16, 2010

In order to spend more time outside

We have a great deck. Our deck is the reason we bought the house. Jeff saw the deck online and convinced me to drive all the way from the city to see the deck.
That's our deck, in the back of the house.
The deck is great. Our backyard is ok. The bugs are terrible. Our yard is so buggy I can't bear to sit outside in the evening for more than a few minutes while I'm eaten alive by the mosquitoes. We've tried citronella and bug spray and even a mosquito magnet. But I end up with bug bites that look like chicken pox.

So we have decided to screen in the deck, instead of renovating the bathrooms. I checked Flickr for some ideas.

Jeff wants to create a room-like enclosure

while I want to make it look like we just screened in a porch.

We agree it should be painted white

And we're trying to figure out the floor and the interior

This is my favorite:

I love the traditional looking pillars and the "front-porch" look.

The inside looks nice too:

More details to come as we work through this project, which we agree should happen soon in order to really enjoy the backyard this summer.


Sara said...

We screened in our deck 2 years ago and we use it everyday in nice weather. I'm hoping to make it more of an outdoor room this summer. Right now it just has a table and chairs. Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

TJRSFCA said...

Have you considered a retractable roof? I understand the city of Seattle now owns one.


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