Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Point the gun and shoot

After all the energy audits, we came to the conclusion that blown-in insulation would be just the thing to keep us warm and toasty this winter.

Energy Tech Solutions arrived with their Infrared (IR) gun in addition to the drills and hoses for insulation.
They pointed the gun around the house to double-check their earlier estimates and found that most of our walls actually did have insulation! 
 zip-wall added to control dust.
There were a few empty walls - the Baby-Beechnut's room received a healthy dose of padding, as did the dining room,
 holes above the slider in the dining room.
guest bathroom, the underside of all the stairwells, and they even added some to the floor in the Big-Beechnuts room, by plugging a spot in the eaves.
 Adding insulation around the bay window

When they performed the blower-door test, they found the house was still drafty, but that it could be remedied by caulking all the windows.

Energy Tech Solutions did a great job at controlling the dust with zip-walls and patching all the holes they drilled. We are very happy with this work and Jeff had a blast playing with the IR gun.

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