Monday, November 14, 2011

Summer tasks wrap-up

At the beginning of the summer, we made a list. We kept adding to it. And we did knock a number of items off the list.

Here's the list, crossing off the tasks that were completed:

Pull carpet off front stairs
Repaint stairs (interior)
Repaint lower half of DR
Paint front hall + upstairs hall
Refinish front hall window
Powerwash front walk
Put #s on front walk stairs
Fix kitchen porch - wash, paint, new stairs
New light in front hall and front porch
Paint Beechnut#2's room
Paint Master BR Hall
fix hole in downstairs Bathroom
Paint exterior trim
Prune Cherry tree
Get rid of toddler climber in the back yard
Get rid of old patio table and chairs
Call to get kitchen sink fixed
Get rid of treadmill
Get gutters on the kitchen porch
Fix gutter on back of house
Paint screened porch exterior wall
Paint trim of deck
get rid of old maple stump
Call Bartlett tree service
Motorcycle sold/plates returned
Replace playroom light switch
new outlets in Beechnut#2's room

1 comment:

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Oh, I love being able to cross items off the "To Do" list. Looks like you are making great progress.


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