Wednesday, April 9, 2008


When the dust finally settled after the kitchen demolition, we realized that were living in fun house. Not a funny Ha-Ha type of house, but funny like in the Twilight Zone, where the angles are all wrong, and the ceiling and floor slope toward each other to the extend it makes you dizzy to look into the corners of the room for too long. The ceiling slanted down to about 2 inches lower on one side than the other and the floor is made of rolling hills of barn-board planks.

Jeff took a whack at figuring out how to level the ceiling, it involved a lot of geometry and a self-leveling laser. After doing 8th grade math for an hour, then drinking heavily, he handed off the job to someone else.

Thankfully, our framer was able to make a nice level ceiling by sistering in new 2x8 beams and adding new strapping. Now we can tackle projects more suited to our skills, like figuring out where the recessed lights should go and how to get 2 cases of beer stacked on 1 shelf in the fridge.

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