Monday, May 12, 2008

Project Plan, Week 7

This plan not only shows the slippage in our kitchen project, but also the areas where I hate to make a decision quickly.

We still haven't picked out a tile, but are getting much closer. I want a subway tile, but in a less-standard size, like 2x6 or 1x4. I want them in a blue-gray color. Unfortunately this means a handmade size, which translates into "Over Budget" in layman's terms. I'm holding out hope that I can get them for only "double-over-budget", since Jeff has warned me that "quadruple-over-budget" is not an option. But, in the scheme of things, the kitchen can be working without the tiled backsplash, so I'm not in a rush to order the tiles.

Similar to the tile problem, I can't decide on a paint color, and will likley need to talk to the local Color Consultant at Benjamin Moore to get a some good suggestions and to make me feel better about my choice. I do like Bone White from Benjamin Moore and I think a neutral off-white color will keep the kitchen feeling crisp and airy, and this color will help it feel a little warmer too.
Bone White:


Steve said...

We have several different choices of Subway tiles that might work for you. In the colors you mentioned, look at our Claypads line or our Solana line both with colors that may work for you. Just let me know if I can help.
Steve at

Jessie said...

Thanks Steve! I checked out your site and ordered samples today. I think Anchor Bay Tile might have exactly what I'm looking for.


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