Sunday, July 27, 2008

First runner up

We were waiting for friends to arrive with dinner, and frankly, we were tired. So when Beech-nut 1 said "I want someone to play with me.", we raised our fists to prepare for rock-paper-scissors. But inspiration struck Jeff and he looked at her and said "Do you want to get the broom and sweep the kitchen? You can use the Swiffer". BN1 replied with a cheerful "No, thank you." No matter what, we have taught that child good manners!

Jeff looked away while slyly mumbling "Yeah, I bet you don't know how." Ever my child, her competitive streak stirred "What? What did you say?" she demanded to know. Jeff repeated his statement adding for good measure "I think you're still too little."

That did it. Squaring her shoulders and giving her father a Them's-Fightin'-Words look: "I'm not too little! Give it to me! I know how to sweep, Daddy!"

And that's how Jeff lost the Father of the Year award...

But hey! Our kitchen floor looks good!

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