Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Preparing for Winter

List of projects to be done to prepare for winter:
  1. Unhook and drain rain barrel
  2. Remove air conditioner from BN-1's room. (Not sure why we even bothered since she was scared of the noise and preferred the suffocating heat to the A/C's hum.)
  3. Find someone to remove the leaves
  4. Put the basement de-humidifier away
  5. Cover the hydrangea to give it a fighting chance of living through the winter
  6. Clean up the garage so we can park in it again. It's filled with leftover kitchen-building materials.
  7. Make sure all the storms are closed
  8. Make sure all the radiator vents are open

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Larry said...

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You have an awesome blog!! How could I have missed this one?!

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