Monday, November 3, 2008

This is just temporary until next year

Now that its November and the Who Can Stand The Lowest Temperature In The House competition is over, we have turned on the heat and started to focus on indoor projects. Viewing ever growing pile of clean laundry sitting in piles around our bedroom, Jeff decided it was time to organize his closet. But thats not what this post is about.

This is the gaping hole in the eaves that connects directly with Jeff's closet. Jeff discovered the hole led to our closets while he was investigating the back of his closet and the cool breeze blowing in through a mouse hole.

We'd almost forgotten about the hole in the eaves now that we aren't on the deck much these days staring in the direction of the plastic and duct-tape solution. But with winter around the corner, and the heat on in the house, it was time to get serious.

Jeff started by removing the plastic and duct-tape.

Then he added some supports since the sides are mostly rotted and flimsy.

He pushed as much insulation into the abyss as he could.

He attached a cover to deter little animals from coming in.

Then he says "You know, this is just temporary until next year. I used resin board to cover the hole. I'll have to fix it again with something more permanent." I don't care. I'm crossing it off the list anyway.

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sailormike said...

Hi Jessie and Jeff just checking out your pics. Looking at the 'hole in the eve pics' It loks like you sealed it up tight. Not good!! It needs to be able to breathe or else you will develope moisture. You can get some 4" round plastic push in sofit vents, easy to install, just drill a hole and push in.


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