Thursday, June 25, 2009

Exactly how shady is that Beech tree?

I've been trying to take a photo of the tree for which this blog is named, but its really impossible to get far enough away to capture the entire thing. These are the shots I recently took so you can see how large the trunk is. The previous owners built the deck around the tree, the photos posted 5 years ago with the real estate listing caused Jeff to fall in love with the house.
This photo was taken with my back to the far corner of the house, looking over the back yard.

This photos shows the beginning of the canopy, it extends well above our 3 story house.

This Copper Beech is one of several in our town. We have struggled to grow a lawn under it for a few years now. When I walk around town and see that other owners have given up the fight and just mulched their entire yards rather than complete with the tree, I wonder how many more years until we admit defeat also.

It won't be this year, though. I'm still hoping there is a true "shade grass" out there...

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