Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Everything's coming up roses

After all the French drain excitement, I'm happy to report I planted some grasses and flowers that are still alive after a few weeks.

From the far end of the bed, I have:
1. Lavender. This plant has been very happy in this spot and smells lovely when it blooms. When I was in the hospital last year, the big Beechnut brought me a little bouquet of the flowers and it made my hospital room smell heavenly for the 4 days I was there recovering from the birth of the little Beechnut.
2. A tea rose, with dark pink blooms. This is new, and I pinched off the 3 blooms that blossomed to encourage root growth.
3. Miscanthus or zebra grass. This is new and I hope it will add some height and interest to the other flowers planted.
4. Climbing rose. I wanted to show that I have managed to keep this rose bush alive for 3 years going. Its rewarding me by flowering this year. It smells rosy too.
5. Lots of mint and lily of the valley. These were planted by the previous owners and I'm trying to beat back the mint. Its really only useful around the Kentucky Derby when we make mint juleps.
6. Forever Summer Hydrangea. I have hopes this will be large with big blue blossoms, but I think the flowers are a few years out.

Closeup of my climbing rose bush. I think we'll build a bigger trellis next year.

Some of the big rhodies in bloom, with my little peony plant. I think it needs more sunlight than the current location offers, maybe it'll get moved in the fall.

Lately, I've been feeling like this:

Busy like a bee!

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Todd - Home Construction Improvement said...

The plants look amazing!! I wish our yard was this bright and vibrant! Nice job!


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