Friday, January 29, 2010

Mostly completed

Here are the "After" photos of my closet. 
I went with 1 long bar across the back of the closet and a set of 12" shelves along one wall. I splurged on a new 8' bar, rather than trying to glue 2 shorter bars together. 


All of the shelving was the Lowes-brand (not Closetmaid or Rubbermaid, which they also sell) of closet organization, which was cheaper and also it was the size I needed.

The yellow/green linoleum floor drove me nuts, but it wasn't really an option at this time to pull up the linoleum since the wood underneath is unfinished. When we renovate the Master Bath, we'll remove this relic. Until then, I am looking for a rug.

My friends are probably wondering where I stored all my shoes for this photo shoot. I am in the processing of making them a nice home in the former linen closet, I'll post photos on that too.

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