Sunday, February 21, 2010

What's going on over here

There hasn't been much progress at Shade of a Beech Tree. The winter is getting us down a little and we're eyeing the crack-house next door as a possible new endeavor. What if we made a low-ball offer and they accepted it? What house would be build? What should the house look like? How many rooms do we need?

We're looking at house plans, like this one from Frank Betz:



 We like the 2 story entry and the Family Room off the kitchen. An attached garage would be a nice upgrade, currently we have to walk from the garage to the house, braving the elements the entire 15 steps! I also like the idea of a covered front porch, where Jeff can greet our daughters' future suitors while sitting in a rocking chair with a shotgun on his lap. You have to think ahead, you know.

Don't forget, the Library would need (yes. need!) a coffered ceiling, and we'd need nice hardwoods throughout, with a granite kitchen, and marble bathrooms.

Then, we think about the yard!

 We'd need an outdoor kitchen!

And a place to relax and have drinks!

Then, the next thing you know, there's no way we can have this dream house we want for the budget we'd have. But dreaming about it is more interesting than watching the thermometer fall.

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Concord Carpenter said...

Man I love that outdoor kitchen, fireplace idea.

I'm working on designing a patio with a gas fireplace with glass pieces instead of lava rocks - but would prefer that look.

Great post!


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