Monday, March 1, 2010

The idea takes root

What started out as a little seed of an idea has us obsessed with house plans. Its hard to nail down what you want in a house if you were to build it from scratch.

The previous plan I posted had a staircase in the side/middle of the house, and it wasn't visible from the foyer. It seems a little strange to me to not have the stairs near the front of the house. All the houses I've lived in have had the stairs near the front door.

This house has the front stairs, but no garage. So, we'd just need to figure out where to put the door to a garage.


We like the stairs to the 3rd floor, for a potential rec-room/guest suite.  The bathroom between the bedrooms is good for our Beechnuts. But, we'd need a garage and an easy way to have a mudroom installed to hold coats. Now that we have our giant mudroom, we can't go back to coats on the backs of the kitchen chairs!

Its been fun to imagine a new house, but I think its also time for some Spring cleaning in our current house. Just as soon as Spring arrives...

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