Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I was looking thru the latest email from Restoration Hardware when I noticed that they were selling "Decorative rope". For $89.

Rope. For Eighty-Nine American dollars.

Apparently, one is supposed to pile this rope decoratively somewhere in their house. Sure, it would have been helpful when Hurricane Earl came to New England last weekend and we needed to tie down the patio furniture. But really? Rope for $89?

I am clearly not taking advantage of the crap lying around my house. I've been trying to be more creative lately when it comes to decorating, so I decided to let Restoration Hardware be my inspiration. I looked around and realized I have lots of things with which to decorate!

Assorted garden hoses..

Sculpture Pile of old Nails Fasteners

 These would be especially interesting, old window weights with rope. A two-fer!

Then it hits me! Functional yet colorful, neatly coiled, just like RH's rope. Green extension cord! Don't you love it?

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Mojito Maven said...


I shit you not, I wrote almost an IDENTICAL post to this one about the rope that is supposed to post tomorrow! I looked at the catalog when i got home from work today and nearly fell over. ridiculous. {and I am a HUGE RH fan. HUGE. But rope? for $90...get the heck out of town.}


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