Sunday, October 3, 2010

Skirting the issue

As part of the Dining room redecoration, we had to rethink our storage. 

Shelly recommended a skirted buffet table and I loved the idea of a big area for holding a bar or even food on those big holiday gatherings.

We didn't want to build a shelving area ourselves due to extreme laziness, and you really can't beat the prices at IKEA. So we started with an Expedit. Jeff added some legs and a bigger top to make it a little more grand in size.

We were reassured by Shelly of the correct location in the room and Jeff pried off a section of chair-rail in order to attach the shelf to the wall.

I wasn't surprised that there was paint and wallpaper, but who knew the room was pink at one point? Several layers of wallpaper were also visible.

After a few false starts involving not enough yardage, I sewed a skirt for the buffet, thus concealing all the random stuff stored in the shelf.

 Just wait until you see the table with new lamps and a mirror, and a glass top. I can't decide if it needs trim. Any opinions?


Anonymous said...

Jessie, it's really coming together! You need to steam out or iron that bad boy though. LOL! I also think adding some thick decorative tape (maybe a orange or navy velvet) to the bottom hem would look great!

Studio 13 said...

I'm getting ready to attempt my first skirted table.. I'm not a huge "diy" person, so fingers crossed!


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