Sunday, January 4, 2009

Now with 23% less therms!

One of my personal reasons we attacked the kitchen was that it was freezing cold in the winter. I dreaded walking in to the kitchen in early morning before going to work knowing that it was going to be a chilly 58 - 60 degrees even though the thermostat had been set at 64. So in went the Icynene insulation, a bit more than fiberglass, but I'd never forgive myself if I did not seal that room as tight as I could.

Well today was a big day for us. The heating bill arrived for December and I liked what I saw.
Dec 2008 Therms: 259
Dec 2007 Therms: 340

difference: 81 Therms or 23% less then last year.

My wife may not admit this, I've even had the heat a little higher this year to keep the baby Beech-nut warmer. Everyone gets a break on their first winter, then it's back to the program on the thermostat.


Todd @ Home Construction Improvement said...

Congratulations! Investing in good insulation is worth every nickle! I can't tell you how many people make the mistake of skimping on insulation to end up regretting it after the first winter.

Gene said...

Great to hear! I just blogged about better insulation and sealing of houses being a good way to go green. I won't be able to do a good before and after comparison until the kitchen remodel is done and the ceiling above it gets insulated, but the insulation now versus basically none when I bought the house has made it a lot more comfortable.


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