Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Home Resolutions

Happy New Year!
Its time to plan the projects and goals for SOABT for the new year. Since we are still paying off the kitchen, all plans for 2009 need to contribute directly to the value of our home and should have some urgency associated with it. For instance, we need to replace the rotting floor on our front entry porch before the mail man falls through it.

So, without additional hemming and hawing, here is the list of home-improvement projects/things I'd like to accomplish in 2009.

1. Refinance our mortgage. We're taking advantage of the falling interest rates to refinance. We're paying points upfront for a lower rate, but we plan to break-even in 2 years. Since we have no plans to move out of our house in the next 5 years (or ever), its a good way for us to take advantage of the chaos in the housing market. We had a 30-year fixed mortgage to begin with, now we're getting a lower rate on a new 30-year. It will save us substantial money over the long run in the event we stay in our house for 30 more years.

2. Fix the aforementioned front porch before it gets worse. This will provide a learning experience since the posts holding up the roof will also need to be replaced.

3. Research the house with the historical commission to see what the original front door looked like. We currently have a replacement that I'm positive does not resemble the original door. If I know what I'm looking for, then I have a reason to shop the salvage yards.

4. Add some molding upgrades to the dining room. The current chair rail is about 4 inches too low and my chairs leave marks on the walls. We'd also like to add some picture-frame molding to justify Jeff's purchase of a compound miter saw.

5. Reclaim the front lawn. There's got to be a way to get rid of crab grass without paying a fortune to one of those companies that spray your lawn with chemicals.

6. While we're talking about the front yard, get the dying maple tree taken down before it crashes into the house, causing a re-prioritization of resolutions.

I think 6 resolutions are enough for any year. As we all know, when planning any project, its wise to allow room for contingencies, so I'm keeping the list short in case something comes up. Plus, this leaves room for the unexpected projects that really keep things interesting.


Jenni said...

We once had someone fall thru the floor...
Actually twice. Our niece fell through the new air return hole. She was 2. and scared but ok.
And Chris's friend who loves old things was looking at all the 1940's newspapers in the middle bedroom newly found fireplace, and the 'floating' hearth fell into the basement. He was bruised but thankfully no breaks. Thus the perfect rectangle hole still in the middle beadroom floor, currently covered with plywood with a danger sign over it.

Happy New Year.

Larry said...

Man!! That's some list!

I gave up on house resolutions...



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