Saturday, February 23, 2008

Son of a beech...

The name of this blog came from the landscaping focus of our house. When we started to look outside Brookline for a bigger house we started to look in ever-widening circles. First Newton, then Wellesley, then Natick and Framingham. These were short house-hunting trips since there was very little for sale in our price range.
One day, Jeff found a photo of a nice house that had a huge Copper Beech tree in the back yard, surrounded by a spacious deck. It was pretty much everything we'd been looking for.

After we moved into the house in October and tree had yet to shed a single leaf, we started to suspect this tree was high-maintenance. The tree hangs onto its leaves for so long that its a race to get the leaves off the ground before the snow covers them until spring. With its strong branches stretching over not just our yard, but also the yards of our 3 neighbors, I know we aren't the only ones who get a little frustrated with the shedding canopy in late November.

This year, we lost the race to the tree when it snowed before Thanksgiving, so our spring will be filled with raking wet rotting leaves. But hey! That'll give us something to do while we wait out numerous delays that are sure to happen in our kitchen renovation.

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