Sunday, March 23, 2008


Saturday morning at 9am, John and his son Zack arrived and started to sling sledgehammers shortly thereafter. We were joined by Deepak and Manjula around 10, and Paul came over around 11 to add another set of hands.

Being pregnant, I didn't do much hammer slinging, but tried to do clean up as the walls came tumbling down. At one point I just stood back and watched - feeling positive the backswing of a hammer was going to connect with some part of my body.

Here is a photo of the room and our friends when we took a break for lunch.

After burgers, steaktips, cheetos, and a cold drink, everyone got back to work. At 3pm, after 5 hours of work by 6 people, this was the state of the kitchen:

All walls taken down to the studs, ceiling removed, island destroyed and the room was clear of debris.

A big Thank You to everyone who helped us, there's no way we could have done this without you!! We will have you over for dinner as soon as the new kitchen is operable.

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