Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Let there be light

Jeff met with the electrician yesterday to confirm the scope of work regarding the lights and outlets. He seemed to agree with our plans so we're now another step closer to the start of the demolition.

As I mentioned before, our current lighting is made up of unflattering fluorescent tube lights, so we will be ripping those out. We plan to install 12 6-inch HALO IC recessed lights around the working and walking areas of the kitchen. These will be white, and will hopefully blend nicely into the ceiling.

The kitchen island will be lit by two 12-inch pendants that closely resemble this:

I originally saw these pendants in a magazine and fell in love with them. Much to my surprise, the first local lighting place I checked is able to order these for me and they are much cheaper than any prices I have found online. I haven't actually ordered them yet, but I feel good that I can get them. The manufacturer is Hudson Valley and this is the Haverhill model.

I have backed off the idea of using chrome finished accessories, and am back to polished nickel, so the pendant hardware will be polished nickel. As will the sink faucet, knobs, pulls, and latches. All of which I have yet to pick out.

We are also going to do some sort of under-cabinet lighting, and as the upper-upper cabinets will have little glass-front doors, we need to find accent lighting for that. I plan to spend some quality time at the lighting place this weekend to get it sorted out.

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