Wednesday, October 15, 2008

House hat

Its the time at SOABT, when baseball and football are on tv, its the time to knit something. I found this pattern for the Favorite Knit Hat at SouleMama and I'm sure this will be my Favorite Hat this winter. Its the perfect size and weight to wear indoors this winter to ward off the chill from our drafty windows.

Yes, we wear hats inside the house because Jeff insists that 62 degrees is room temperature.


David said...

62 degrees is sub-arctic. turn up the darn thermostat!!

Jenni said...

My husband says 60. And David, that is sub artic...

TJRSFCA said...

It is 72 degrees outside right now. Just bought a Christmas tree but it doesn't seem right.

Then again, it's 72 degrees. Outside. November 30th.

I love you, California.


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